Shiny Downcoat – Patrizia in shiny leggings and downcoat

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Please give a warm welcome to my new model Patrizia. Naturally slim and tall in size, she`s the perfect model for down clothes and spandex. With this intention in mind, I often wanted to ask her to model. She`s living in my neighbourhood, just a few doors away. While we parked our cars side by side one day, I got the chance to talk her into it. I just returned from that great shooting with Mercy (see here) and had the trunk filled with shooting clothes. I noticed how she looked when I opened it to get out the camera and the technical stuff first. Taking my chance to talk to her about it, I told her about my photo shooting and showed her some clothes too. When I run through the piles of spandex, satin and shiny downcoat, she appears to be very interested.

Consequently, as I noticed her interest, I asked her if she could imagine herself being photographed like this. One word came to the other, she agreed to meet to show some photos and talk about the details. So this ended up in her apartment the next day, where I did my usual – see what I do – show. In the hope that she`s not retreating, I booked a studio for the agreed date.

Lucky me, she is a reliable model and met me at the studio location, being well prepared. My clothes selection for this shooting fit her shape and figure. When going through my drawers, I selected S and XS clothes mostly. It turns out to be the right decision, almost everything I gave her, fit.

See her in this purple Calvin Klein downcoat, the matching shiny black spandex leggings and brown Buffalo leather boots.

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Shiny downcoat, shiny spandex leggings Shiny downcoat, shiny spandex leggings Shiny downcoat, shiny spandex leggings