Shiny Nike spandex leggings

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Shooting with Marnie was fun that day. She`s been in a pretty good mood and was eager to get good photos done. So I handed her this outfit, a shiny Nike spandex leggings and a very nice thing shiny nylon jacket. At first, she was a little worried this could match together. When she returned from the dressing room, she was very positively surprised after I showed her the first photos from the camera.

I had bought this shiny Nike spandex leggings a few weeks before this shooting and already used it once during a kind of surprise shooting. I have to admit, I love this one. The fabric is typically shiny spandex style, with 80/20 mix and a very bright shine. The applications in spandex and mesh are really enhancing the special look of it. In combination with that retro style nylon jacket from the 80s and her Nike sneakers, this is quite a nice outfit for the gym or outdoor sports.

Get about 50 nice photos of Marnie in that shiny and tight outfit. She enjoyed modelling this for you, we hope you will do the same when looking at the photos.

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Shiny Nike spandex leggings Shiny Nike spandex leggings Shiny Nike spandex leggings