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A few days ago, I was checking an old hard drive I`d found in a storage box. After quite a while I finally was able to read the data on that device. To my total surprise, in one folder, I found a shooting I thought I had lost. Most of the original images I was able to recover, including this series of a shiny ravepants babe.

With Doreen, I did plenty of shootings, some outdoor, some indoor. I personally love her in that techno and rave outfits. She`s the natural party beast, looking great in almost every techno outfit I gave her. As she was wearing Buffalo shoes in private also, we had an extensive collection of clothes to work with.

Here you got her in a shiny blue/white Meucci shiny ravepants combined with a plain black top and black Buffalo shoes.

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Shiny ravepants babe Shiny ravepants babe Shiny ravepants babe