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I knew Drea for quite a while. Due to a lack of time on my side, we could work out shooting appointments in the year 2005. As I called her boyfriend to ask about what`s going on, he suggested I send over clothing and he would take a few photo series for Spandexplanet. Especially he asked for swimsuits and bikini, as he wanted to do some more “explicit” stuff. Said and done, I sent all my shiny spandex swimsuits and bikinis over to them and got a bunch of very nice series in return. Most of the series are still unpublished these days, I am going to reveal them from time to time.

This series of Drea shows her wearing a very nice and tight shiny spandex swimsuit. See the photos when it hugs her young body, Drea was barely 20 as these photos were taken. Imagine, you get home from work and find your girlfriend trying this shiny spandex swimsuit in your bathroom. Nasty thoughts coming in my mind, seeing this.

A few weeks after I send the package with the spandex clothes to them, we met by a lucky occasion. I got back everything from the package, except this blue swimsuit. Drea asked me if she could keep it for a while. Obviously, this wasn`t a big problem for me, I got it back 2 years later. There is another photo series with this nice piece of spandex gear, see Ewa wearing it – Ewa – Blue tight spandex Swimsuit

Shiny Spandex Swimsuit – preview pictures
Drea in shiny spandex swimsuit Drea in shiny spandex swimsuit Drea in shiny spandex swimsuit