Silver Buffalo shoes – Anna as technogirl

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When I met Anna for the first time, I was looking for a model to present techno style clothes. After a long time of not shooting raver clothes and buffalo shoes, I wanted to repeat the old styles. Anna was hooked on the idea instantly. She`s into cosplay for some time now and this was another role she could play. When we met at the studio on the shooting day, she admired the retro clothes I had in my bags. She had only seen pictures and videos of such garments. While she now got the chance to touch and wear the stuff, this was very special for her. For the first outfit, she selected the silver buffalo shoes and the shiny red Freeman T. Porter techno pants.

As she returned from the dressing room, this was like a flashback I got. She was looking pretty much like the girls I photographed in the early 2000s. The shiny rustling nylon rave pants at her hips, the silver buffalo shoes on her feet and the tight silver spandex top at her upper body. Lovely view at all.

Silver buffalo shoes and techno pants Рpreview pictures
silver buffalo shoes silver buffalo shoes silver buffalo shoes