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When looking at the photos from this shooting from the year 2008, I`m sad just about this one shooting with Nicole. Not because of this shooting, but because I just had only one with her. Some photos are like a good wine, they get better when they get older. This shooting with Nicole is like this, the photos aren`t technically perfect, but the model is. I use to start my shootings with more easy sets to get the model and myself into shooting mode. This time, I asked her to wear that Southpole downjacket to her normal street outfit.

When she took off her normal street jacket and put on the pink and blue puffer jacket, I was stunned. The blonde bombshell teased me already with her tight blue jeans, her white satin blouse and the black leather boots. As she added the shiny Southpole down jacket, I was bowled over by her look. When I took the first photos, she was naturally taking good looking poses. Even if she not been a model before, she did an awesome job.

Even after such a long time, I still love the photos we took during this shooting. Unfortunately, Nicole moved out of the city shortly after we met. Out of sight, out of mind for her maybe, for me this will be a remarkable shooting.

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