Spandex and Down garment shooting

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Once in a while, I take the chance to work with professional models. This time, Veronika dropped me a line on the German portal and told me she was visiting Leipzig a few weeks later and that she would like to work with me. Said and done, checking her portfolio, I agreed in booking her for spandex and down garment shooting.

As the date of the shooting arrived, I prepared my stuff and sorted a lot of shiny things to take with me. While being loaded like a transport truck, I arrived at the hotel. She arranged everything in front and opened already prepared for the photos. I offered her to go through the spandex and down garment, to select the outfits, but she rejected. She had looked at my photos before and agreed to all the outfits I suggested upfront. So I handed her black spandex leggings with PVC coated and a black leather corset. As she returned from the dressing room, her look was to die for.

Covered with that black shiny things, her tall body was a real eye-catcher. I quickly got my camera ready and started to take photos. So when we get into a smooth flow, we both enjoyed the shooting. I would love to continue working with her indeed, but the time passed quickly and all of the outfits we`d used too. I mean, one should leave with an appetite. As a matter of fact, when she`s in the area, we will surely work together again. Now it`s up to you – enjoy the almost 700 photos from this shooting.

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down coat cmp nickelson pvc jacket spandex leggings Spandex and down garment shooting