Purple spandex catsuit and pink shiny nylon Adidas jacket

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Being on an outdoor shooting with the lovely Cesara, I had a nice purple spandex catsuit with me. Initially, I bought it from a girl that was practising vaulting in the past and stopped that sports. She sold all of her vaulting clothes and accessories, including some shiny spandex costumes she used for her competitions. I was lucky to get this shiny purple spandex catsuit and another 2 piece set, this is still waiting to be photographed. Now, back to Cesara and her wearing that suit during our photo shooting.

We were shooting at the Leipzig Fair area. The architecture is a great background, the area is easy to reach and quiet at the weekend when there is no fair. Cesara took out the catsuit from the clothes bag. She also found the pink shiny nylon Adidas jacket matching to that colourful outfit. As she dressed in both, I have to admit she was right. The lovely shine of the Nylon and the smooth shiny look of the tight spandex catsuit made it perfect.

Once we started to shoot our photos, there was some promenader walking by. A male could not get his eyes off of Cesara, we even had to stop for a moment as he stopped his walk, watching. I hope you love her outfit and the photos too.

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Purple Spandex Catsuit Purple Spandex Catsuit Purple Spandex Catsuit