Spandex catsuit outdoor

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When working as a photographer outdoor, you are always exposed to prying eyes. Of course, that was the case with this shoot with Olena. We met on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the outskirts of town. I had her a shoot in techno clothes discussed and she had joyfully agreed. Even though I had not discussed it with her before, I had some spandex stuff in my bag. Like this spandex catsuit that she chose to try on. She had previously worn only leggings and was very impressed by this feeling of the tight spandex catsuit.

Although the catsuit was very tight in places, she felt very comfortable in it. If she had the choice, she would have a different colour, such as. Blue wanted. Unfortunately, it stayed with these catsuit pictures. After she took off the catsuit, she was very excited about it, but then we put the focus back on other outfits. At Olena’s second and final shoot with me, I got her excited about spandex once again. Shortly thereafter, she moved to study in another city.

I hope you like the wonderful pictures. I love it when the tight and shiny fabric unfolds its effect in the sun. Unfortunately, not many models have the courage to show themselves in such outfits in public. Thanks Olena for the wonderful afternoon.

Spandex catsuit – preview pictures
Spandex catsuit outdoor Spandex catsuit outdoor Spandex catsuit outdoor