Spandex leotard – blue tight outfit on gymnastic girl

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By the time in the year 2004, I was looking for new models to photograph for Spandexplanet. Having a hard time searching for girls in my hometown, I also asked friends from cities nearby. About a few weeks later, a friend of mine told me, he knows a girl been interested in modeling. As she practiced gymnastics in the past, she was experienced in wearing spandex and had a body to fit into the tight fabric as well.

As I tried to arrange a shooting appointment with her, it turned out to be not that easy. At that time she was working in Switzerland and only returning occasionally to Leipzig. Finally, we managed to find a suitable date on a very early Sunday morning. Barely have my eyes open after a short night out at the club, I opened the door as she rang the bell. Below her outfit with tight jeans and a white blouse I could see this shiny blue spandex thing. Apparently she prepared herself for our shooting, selecting proper clothing from her drawer as well. Soon, after a few warm-up shots, I asked her to undress down to the blue shiny tight spandex leotard.

The tight blue fabric caresses her well trained body, it was clear to see that she was in good shape. For the first spandex series we shot this blue leotard of hers was a very spectacular start. I hope you enjoy the first series from this awesome shooting.

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Blue spandex leotard, gymnastic girl Blue spandex leotard, gymnastic girl Blue spandex leotard, gymnastic girl