Spandex – Year 2017 collection

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After shooting tight and shiny spandex photos for almost two decades now, this year was kind of a restart. At the end of 2016 I decided to reopen Spandexplanet with new and old content. So I started sourcing for models, location and clothes made of Spandex and Nylon. What was easy in the past, became a big problem during these days. I had to find new ways to recruit models, as the young generation depending on other platforms then I did in the past.

Believe me, asking the first local girl on Instagram if she wants to model for me was pretty strange. Her reaction was negative, the photos would not fit for her Insta profile, she replied. Another girl I talked to was self-opinionated, I offered her my adjusted model salary, but she demanded the double of it – at least! Well, I did not want to shoot her naked and with open wounds. I just asked her to wear shiny spandex leggings.

After some struggles and disappointments, I got Spandexplanet rolling again.

Spandex 2017 – preview pictures
Speedo swimsuit - UK series Spandex Catsuit Silver Goddess Spandex dress Spandex Catuit girl Purple Spandex Catsuit
Black downjacket and blue Nike leggings Silver Catsuit girl Leggings and down jacket showering girl Adidas swimsuit girl Curvy spandex model Mercy - blue spandex leggings
Spandex leggings girl Skinny girl in red spandex dress Speedo professional swimsuit Drea in shiny spandex swimsuit Shiny spandex leggings outdoor
Blue spandex leotard, gymnastic girl Bikini girl in black shiny small piece and black spandex gloves 90s Spandex Set - pink Leggings and white top Two girls in spandex catsuits Shiny spandex leotard, blue shiny spandex cheerleader skirt
Janice - purple spandex catsuit homeshooting
Green spandex bike pants black / blue spandex party leggings