Techno pants and Buffalo boots

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Sitting here and sorting the pictures from more than the last decade, I stumble upon the one photo shooting with Steffi. I was at my workout at the gym, as suddenly I got an SMS from an unknown number. I read the 160 letters message, a girl named Steffi asking if she can model for me. In the first place, I was thinking of a trick someone was playing on me. Usually, in my business, it`s opposite to that, the photographer is asking the model. Therefore, still thinking about that trick, I asked her to meet before the shooting. To my big surprise, everything we talked about by SMS was real. As I arrived at the meeting location we set, she was already wearing a pair of techno pants.

I had chosen an old industrial building as our shooting location for that day. Some party people must have decorated this place in the purpose to use it as a location too. Because of the camouflage nets hanging around everywhere between the furniture, this place had a strange look indeed.

For this first set, I chose just to give her another top and change her shoes. The blue rave pants she already dressed completed the outfit really wonderful. So what you see here is a Technogirl from the mid-2000s, ready to party on a rave. Light blue spandex top, wide light blue nylon techno pants, and black Buffalo boots.

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Techno pants and Buffalo boots Techno pants and Buffalo boots Techno pants and Buffalo boots