Technogirl Nadine – Shiny green party outfit

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When I started with the former Technogirlie website, it wasn`t too hard finding suitable clothes for the shootings. Back in the year 2002, most of my friends listened to Techno and went on Raves or to Techno clubs. I could simply ask them if I could borrow something for a photo shooting. This is how I got this series outfit, my model Nadine is wearing a Technogirl outfit from my friend Misty. Misty and I went to a lot of parties those days, we were close friends, but as she was the perfect Technogirl, I never got her in front of my camera.

The shooting you see here, I did with an analog camera, I used slide films to take them and digitalized the photos afterward. I love the natural look through that back to basic technique. As we did the shooting during the sunset hours, you see a very warm red tone on her skin.

Sure, you want to know about the outfits technical details, as this is what you are here for. Actually, the shiny nylon pants are Cordon brand, a Berlin-based fashion label. Back in the Techno age, these company produced some of the finest rave wear on this planet. Thinking of the tight and shiny spandex top Nadine is wearing, I recall, Misty bought it in a small scene shop in Berlin. So I think, this hasn`t  a specific label or brand. For our platform boots fans, Nadine obviously wears Swear rave shoes on her feet.

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Technogirl Nadine - shiny green party outfit Technogirl Nadine - shiny green party outfit Technogirl Nadine - shiny green party outfit