Yellow downcoat – Fanny by Pamy

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When shooting these photos with Ella outdoor a few months ago, I just received this yellow downcoat from a dear friend. The downcoat is a Fanny from Pamy, hard to get these days. Special in this colour, it was not sold often. Ella, wear that black latex style leggings and variegated Adidas sneakers instantly felled in love with the colour of the coat. “It`s so awesome bright and shiny – I LOVE IT!” she said to me.

Once she wears it, she realised it was a little too big for here. So I am now looking for a yellow downcoat in size S for her to give for the next winter. Being so bright and shiny, passing by pedestrians could not prevent staring at her. As I first met her 3 years ago, she was shy, she would have turned red like a tomato. But lucky me, these times are over, so self-confident she smiled at the people and waved at them.

The result of this outdoor presentation of the Fanny coat is 67 photos of Ella wearing that wonderful piece of craftsmanship. Unfortunately, Pamy as a company does not exist anymore.

Yellow downcoat – preview pictures
Yellow downcoat - Fanny by Pamy Yellow downcoat - Fanny by Pamy Yellow downcoat - Fanny by Pamy