Lia selected the black Pamy "Miss Germany Collection" downjacket from our drawers as she came in for a shooting

Shiny black Nuptse downvest, shiny green and very tight spandex catsuit. Nicole looks great in almost every stuff.

... so we asked her to wear black satin Adidas shorts during the first shootings. She enjoyed it and felt very comfortable in them ...

That feeling when you go to the gym, seeing such a gorgeous girl working out. Her outfit is just perfect, shiny spandex leotard, red satin Adidas shorts.

64 That times as the girl were wearing shiny spandex for the club. See Darleen we met in an underground techno club in the early 2000 years. She was dressed like this, enjoying herself dancing all night long. low-res samples

Kim with her pretty white skin and the blonde hair wears some green shiny spandex bikepants for you. That tight fabric is fitting her very well, as she starts to tease you 🙂