Buffalo girl – blue raver pants and shiny satin jacket

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Back in my early photographer days, I met Nadine during a shooting on the Czech border. During the following years, we became close friends, having a lot of shootings. She`s been a professional go-go dancer for almost 10 years, starting at the age of 16. This series here, we took in the year 2004. Buffalo shoes were highly in fashion, and you could see techno pants almost everywhere.

As you can see, I decided to dress her in a blue shiny nylon raver pants coupled with a tight shiny bra and a shiny college jacket. Nadine was kind enough to bring along a pair of Buffalo tower boots. These black high boots, I think that`s visible and I would not need to mention that, had seen many hard party nights. However, they just added to the shiny outfit like charm. At the end of the shooting, I asked her to change shoes. She took off the Buffalo boots and put on red Gordon Jack shoes. Not everyone might have been a fan of those, but in my eyes, they belong to that time too and needed to be shown somewhere.

Enjoy this beautiful series of Buffalo girl Nadine in a shiny techno outfit.

Buffalo girl Nadine preview pictures
Buffalo girl with retro techno clothes Buffalo girl with retro techno clothes Buffalo girl with retro techno clothes


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