Buffalo Towers and orange ravepants

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While I had this shooting with the lovely Anna, I pulled out a pair of red and white Buffalo Towers. As I asked her if she ever wore such shoes, she replied, she seen them during her childhood, but her parents never bought her a pair of those. I asked her to wear a matching pair of wide cut, orange coloured, shiny nylon ravepants to that when handing her the outfit.

During the time I acquired these Buffalo Towers shoes, the Buffalo shoes trend was already weakening. After 3 or 4 years you could see Buffalo shoes on the streets almost everywhere, they become rare. I had already started my website Technogirlies during that time and was well known in the scene. So it happened that one day I got a text message from an unknown number. A girl asked if I would like to buy a package of old Buffalo shoes for my shootings. We wrote some messages back and forth and agreed that I should look at the shoes and then decide. When I looked in the trunk of her car at the meeting, I thought I get a heart attack. The trunk was filled with plenty of shoes, not only Buffalos but some Swears and cheap copies too.

After some discussion, we finally agreed on a price for the whole package. Paying a comparatively small sum for 12 pairs of techno style, I left the scene very happy. When sorting the stuff at home, I realized some of the shoes were very rare when it comes to colour combinations. As those red and white Buffalo Towers you can see in this set with Anna.

Buffalo Towers and orange shiny nylon ravepants – preview pictures
Buffalo Towers and orange ravepants Buffalo Towers and orange ravepants Buffalo Towers and orange ravepants