Southpole down jackets

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It`s been almost 15 years ago now, I took photos with a girl named Anne. When we went through her closet before our home shooting, my eyes caught a blue/pink down jacket from the Southpole brand. I asked her to wear it on the shooting and she agreed. Being in love with the photos, I tried to find such a jacket for my own collection. When another shooting with the lovely girl Nicole came up, I leveraged my knowledge and asked Anne to borrow the jacket to me. Luckily she agreed and so Nicole looked awesome in that – see the results hereĀ

Browsing Southpole down jackets for years through eBay sites, I bought this just pink one and the green/beige one. Without ever finding the real one I was looking for, time passed by. Years later, I had already moved to another city, the object of desire finally found me. When grabbing through clothes in a local vintage store, a little piece of pink fabric glimpsed out in a corner. With a flash of inspiration, I asked my girlfriend to have a look if she finds something interesting there and she returned with that Pink/Blue Southpole jacket I was looking for for ages.

Sentimentally looking at these photos now, I remember the old story again. Now I own 3 different Southpole down jackets from the golden age and I used them in different shootings. These two here were the start of my collection and I still love them.

Southpole down jackets – preview pictures
Southpole down jacket, pink with fur Southpole down jacket green and beige color with black shiny spandex leggings Southpole down jacket green and beige color with black shiny spandex leggings - backside view