Spandex leotard – pink girl Nadine

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Over the years, I did a lot of photo shootings with Nadine. After we first met in the early days of 2001, we met on a regular base to work together. She`s giving shape to a lot of Spandexplanet and Technogirlies photos. All in all, I made about 50.000 photos with her. A nice series is this one, Nadine is wearing a nice pink spandex leotard and playing around on a bed. To earn a living besides her traineeship, she`s been working as a professional gogo dancer in clubs all over Germany. So she was well trained and her body was very flexible at that time.

When we started this shooting, we agreed on a Technogirlies shooting. That meant shiny nylon pants, Buffalo boots, sexy short clothes in general. From a shooting with another model, I still had some spandex leotards in my bag. Nadine saw them while she was grabbing through the clothes I had with me. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds as she pulled the shiny soft spandex out of the bag. I knew she enjoyed wearing spandex, even in private, when going out or at home. She asked me if we could do some photos with those too, even if we hadn`t planned it.

Actually, I am not a barbarian, so I agreed with her wish and we did two photo series with shiny spandex leotards during that shooting as well.

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Spandex leotard - pink Spandex leotard - pink Spandex leotard - pink