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Just a few weeks ago, I was looking for new faces for the Spandexplanet restart. Even if I do pay shootings only, it`s not as easy as you might think. Good models are pretty hard to acquire. Despite the fact, they have to be photogenic, there`s also this interpersonal component that has to fit right. Marnie contacted me late on my job advertising term, there was just this short message she sent: “Hey, I am interested”. Quite after a while we finally met face to face to discuss the details. Meeting her at a local cafe made me instantly fitting her into the shootings outfits. Colourful hair, big eyes and tattoos all over, this girl needs to wear colours. This is where the bright pink nylon shorts and the orange nylon running jacket idea comes from.

It`s been in my mind for the first minute I had seen her in person. These bright colours match her coloured hair just wonderful. So now she dressed in that bright pink shiny nylon shorts and the orange shiny nylon running jacket. That outfit combined with white and pink Nike AirMaxx – imagine yourself jogging behind such a fem runner in the park. What a delightful idea that is.

In the hope you like them as much as I do, here`re 83 photos I took of the sweet tattoo girl Marnie. First series of many to come.

Nylon shorts girl Marnie – preview pictures
Nylon shorts girl Nylon shorts girl Nylon shorts girl
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