Additionally to the shiny black spandex leggings, Ella selected this brown puffy expedition style outdoor down jacket for one of the first series.

I decided Janie should wear some sports outfit. In detail, she got to dress shiny red spandex leggings and a black wet-look spandex top.

I asked her to wear an OCO Pure Twister downjacket, her high black platform boots and tight jeans.

Back in the Techno age, these company produced some of the finest rave wear on this planet. Thinking of the tight and shiny spandex top Nadine is wearing, I recall, ...

... I asked her to undress down to the blue shiny tight spandex leotard ...

As I selected Technogirl as theme for this shooting, my choice for the first outfit was this shiny nylon pink raver pants and the silky satin bomber jacket.

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